Friday, March 30, 2012

Working Out w/ Lotto Fever

Seriously, everywhere I go, I hear about the jackpot.  In my car on the way to work I see the signs for the jackpot.  Then, I get to work and it's announced that the jackpot has gone up.

$640 million dollars for the Mega Millions.

That's a lot of money.  Everyone at work is all abuzz at the possibilities.  We put in a group pool when it gets this big - so we like to sit around and talk about how we're all going to quit.  A girl can dream can't she?

I was talking w/ one of our editors and we both said that if we won, our new job would be working out and getting healthy full time.  Think Biggest Loser.  Living and breathing your fitness.  On one hand that would be awesome.  Imagine, no time constraints or anything.  This morning I had to wake up an hour and a half early so I could get in my workout because I have plans after work.  It was horrible.  Not the workout, the getting up part.  I did Legs and Back by the way.    So I guess when I win the lottery I won't have to do that anymore.  Right?  But I guess I should really just congratulate myself on putting my workout first.

Yesterday was YogaX day.  I didn't do the workout.  I worked late, got home late, and the truth of the matter is,  I was tired and I hate that workout.  So, I skipped it.  I don't feel particularly guilty because I can't allow myself to do that.  I don't want to have a perfectionist mindset because in the past that has only been a disservice to myself.  You know, you eat perfect, workout perfect, do EVERYTHING perfect and then you have ONE bad moment and it makes you want to give up.  Not what I want.  So a trainer suggested I let myself have a 80/20 mindset.  I strive for perfection (ALWAYS) but I'm setting my goals at 80/20.  So at LEAST 80% of the time I make sure to eat perfectly and get my workouts in.  And the other 20% is there in case, you know, life happens.  I don't strive for 80 - I strive for 100, but I give myself leeway.

Also, did I mention how much I hate YogaX?  :)

Speaking of a trainer.  I got advice on how to use that body fat monitor.  He suggested to use it when I do my weigh-ins.  You know, first thing, after using the restroom and without clothes.  He said they are not the most accurate things in the world but if I am consistent with when and how I take the reading, I'll at least see a trend.  When I took my initial reading it was before bedtime so I took it in the morning and will use that as my newest starting point to remain consistent.  New original reading 36.5%  I'll just have to assume the first week was a wash for my body fat % reading and use this number from here on out.

He also suggested I move my weigh in day.  Currently it's on Monday.  He said to make it Thursday or Friday.  He said making it one of those days will give a more realistic reading because most people follow their normal routines Monday - Friday and perhaps splurge on the weekend which can cause a significant increase on the scale the following day.  And since my cheat meal is usually on Saturday or Sunday I decided to take his advice.   I'm shooting for Friday.

Which is today: +0.9 pounds (overall since starting P90x:  +1.9)

Hmmmm.  Yup, that's the whole story.  I don't particularly feel like that's indicative of the work I've put in both eating and exercising wise and I know I've lost inches already so I'm giving it another week before I tweak anything.

I forgot to take my measurements so I'll do that and report back later.

Today's Menu (not the best cause I'm out of groceries!):

B:  Protein Shake (whey)
S:  PR Bar
L:  Romaine + Carrots + Cottage Cheese + Grapes + Almonds + Dressing
D: Out w/ Co-Workers

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