Monday, October 25, 2010

Exercise Challenge Completed

Yesterday marked the 30th day of my first 30 day challenge and I’m pretty pleased with myself.

The results:

Days 1-7: 258 minutes

Days 8-14: 250 minutes

Days 15-21: 195 minutes

Days 22-28: 250 minutes

Days 29-30: 50 minutes

In the past 30 days, I exercised a total of 1003 minutes.

That averages out to:

*Over 16.5 hours of exercise total

*Over 4 hours of exercise per week

*Over 33 minutes of exercise per day

Not bad huh? It’s weird to look at the info this way because while I was doing it, I just kept aiming for the 250-minute mark. Even on the third week when I only came in at 195 minutes, I was a teeny bit discouraged. But not after looking at it this way.

I’m definitely going to solider on with this one. 250 minutes a week seems to be doable. It’s a challenge to get it all in but not overwhelming. I also lost 2.4 pounds which is amazing for me.

I’m going to be thinking about my next 30 day challenge. I want it to be something that pushes me forward in my health and fitness. I have a few ideas but nothing has really struck a chord yet. If anybody has any ideas please leave them in the comments section!

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