Monday, October 25, 2010

French Fries Are Delicious.

I ate French fries last night. I’m not eating refined sugars. So obviously, I ate French fries last night.

With ketchup!

And instead of beating myself up, I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. I had a talk with myself this weekend. As I’ve written before, I am definitely enjoying the cutting out of refined sugar in my diet. I think it’s something that I can keep up. But, I’ll be honest with all of you. When the occasion strikes, and I want French fries, I think I’m going to eat the French fries.

Now, when this special occasion starts popping up more than once or twice a month, then we may have a problem. I want to eliminate these things enough so that my body will crave them less. And if my body craves them less, then I’ll eat them less and then eventually maybe they really will be just those once in a while, I forgot you existed kind of things.

That being said, may I add, I didn’t really feel all that great afterward. I had a heavy, dragging feel about me. Kind of like I ate some wet cement and it solidified in my stomach. I didn’t like it. I sat in the living room last night, cradling by rock hard stomach (due to the cement feeling, not because of my invisible washboard abs), and planned out my entire day of eating for today: lots of lean protein, vegetables and fruit. I just wanted to get back to the eating that made me feel lighter.

So, in conclusion, I basically learned this:

I am capable of enjoying French fries on a special occasion basis. But when I eat the French fries I don’t feel good after and wish I had not eaten the French fries. But I’ve realized that I’m capable of enjoying French fries on a special occasion basis.


Sugar Challenge:

6 / 7 days completed

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