Monday, October 11, 2010

Exercise: Days 12 ,13 and 14

Day 12 – Wednesday / October 6

I hop scotched around this workout. I had made an appointment with myself to complete my workout straight after work. I even told my boyfriend exactly what to say to me when I walked through the door of our apartment. I knew I was going to need extra motivation to workout. I got home and everything looked more interesting than going into the workout room. I stalled and distracted myself. Thank goodness for him – he gave me a stern talking to and just told me to get it over with. So I did.

I did a strength training DVD: Jackie Warner – Power Circuit Training. I noticed that my heart rate wasn’t as high as when I do Bob’s or Jillian’s but boy did I feel it the next day. In a good way. My butt ,thighs, arms, and chest were SO SORE, again, in a good way.

Sometimes working out is mental for me. If I feel like I didn’t sweat enough or if my heart rate wasn’t high enough, I sometimes feel like it was a wash even though I know ANYTHING is better than nothing. So, when I do a good strength training workout and I have that soreness the next day I know all was not for naught.

Total time: 35 minutes

Day 13 – Thursday / October 7

I took another day off. I think my insomnia is catching up with me. I finally slept some the past two nights and I definitely needed it. People are dropping like flies at work. They’re going home with flu like symptoms and if I get too tired I’ll just become one of them. I knew I was going to do a really long, intense workout Friday night because it’s one of my favorite workouts of the week so I figured, why press my luck?

Total time: 0 minutes.

Day 14 - Friday / October 8

I hit the gym ferociously after work. Got in 30 on the treadmill, 15 on the elliptical, 25 on the recumbent bike and a 5 minute stretch. I wore my HRM and stayed within 80% of my maximum heart rate the entire time. I was pretty please at the end of the night when my calorie burn hit 600+ for the entire workout. I don't know what to think about the calorie burn that my heart rate monitor says. I used to take it at face value but ever since I got my metabolism tested I'm not so sure. If my metabolic rate is 20% lower than the average person for my size and height, does that mean I should take 20% off the HRM readings? I think so because wouldn't those values be set for the "average" person. In any case, I record the actual reading, then take 20% and look at both numbers.

Total Time: 75 minutes

Exercise Challenge Goal:

250 / 250 minutes week 2

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