Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To The Races!

I guess without trying I also committed to another 30 day challenge today.
I signed up for a 5k on Thanksgiving morning which just happens to be 30 days from now. Now, I’m not going to make this a 30-day challenge for running but mark my words, I will be doing one some time in the future. As previously stated in an earlier post, I’m just now getting back to running and I fear re-injuring myself far too much to try to push myself to a magnificent 3.1 mile finish in 30 days.

Now, let me get 3-6 months of solid, injury free running under my belt and then we’ll talk about a challenge!

I‘ve wanted to sign up for a 5k for some time now. Even though I can’t fully run yet, the act of registering and participating in something organized and TIMED is a great way to ensure that I continue working out. Sure I can walk 3.1 miles, but if I’m going to only be able to walk, then I’m going to walk at a good, fast pace! I participated in my first official 5k back in April and it was awesome!

I’ll be honest; I really want to run this race. I’ve even gone so far as to chart out a 30-day training program for getting myself back in running shape by Turkey Day. I’m going to start it and see how far the foot takes me. If all goes well and there’s no pain then a runnin’ I shall go. However, if I have one ounce of hesitation then it’s going to be an all-walking event for me. Because there WILL be other races!

Either way, at least I’ll have gotten my workout in before the big day. I will feel a lot better eating on Thanksgiving after putting in an all out effort for 3.1 miles, running or not!

Countdown to Turkey Trot:
30 days

No Scale Challenge:
1 / 30 days


  1. Have you been not able to run because of the toe injury I read about in one of your earlier entries? I understand being nervous about that but I'm sure you'll have no problem. :D

  2. Yeah, i had a pretty bad tear in the joint of my little toe. it sounds small, but it was to the point where i had one ortho who wanted to consider surgery. that's why i went to a second one who just said, give it time. I ran on it prematurely once before and it extended my recovery time way too much. I think i'll be ok, i'm just erring on the side of caution. We'll find out, today i'm going to try again. Wish me luck!


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