Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm hungry. My foot hurts. I want to complain.

Today is day 2 without the scale. It was weird, I got up this morning and I had this overwhelming desire to step on it. Probably because I did really well yesterday and I wanted to see a good number. It was a fleeting moment and passed quickly. I’m feeling more and more certain that this challenge is a good thing for me. Well, I hope so at least.

I also ran today in preparation for my big old Turkey Trot. It was an odd experience. I was glad that the lungs and legs were there. I didn’t have any problems breathing or with turnover. In fact, I’m fairly certain my pace could have been much quicker. But, I did start feeling tenderness in my foot at the end. I was going to extend the run but I figured why push it. I did 3 minutes run / 1 minute walk for 3 sets. So, only about 10 minutes running time total but it was a good gauge. My cardio is still there which is good; I just have to baby the foot now. My next running day is Friday and hopefully I’ll have an even better idea of where I’m at.

This running injury has really been the dark part of my year. You see, over the past four years or so I’ve lost 40 pounds. It’s an amazing accomplishment for me but I am not done. I still have about 30 left. And this year started on a good note and my progress was really going well due to my running. Until my injury. After it happened, I laid low for a little too long and before I knew it, things just sort of went awry.

I’ve gained about 7 pounds since July. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but allow me to put this in perspective. The most I’ve EVER lost in a single month is 4 pounds. And I’ve never repeated that. In fact, my average since 2008 has been about 1.6 pounds per month and that was WITH running. So, to me, 7 pounds represents an uphill battle.

As I’ve said before, my metabolism is slower. I’ve had it tested and I’m planning on talking to my doctor when I go back in about my thyroid but I feel confident all is well in that department. I just think I’ve been “blessed” with a slow metabolism. I’ve been trying to not let it get me down but there are some days (read: today) where it just seems unfair.

To end on a positive note: as of my last weigh in I was down 2.4 pounds of that 7 so at least I’m headed in the right direction. Also, my foot will get better! It has to. And even if I continue to only lose 1.6 pounds per month, I’ll still weigh less by this time next month. Right?

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  1. I understand how an injury like that can get you down. It's in your foot after all, and as a runner that's just bad, bad, bad! I lose weight very slowly also but in my case it's rather deliberate because when I struck a balance between eating and losing weight that was comfortable for me, I've stuck with it even though the pounds come off slower. 95 pounds in one year is still pretty good. It's still progress, right? Right. :) Good luck continuing your running.


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