Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inches and Body Fat %

I measured myself last night and it looks as if I have lost some inches.  Most noticeably in my bust and arms.  I'm really excited about that too.  My arm has about a 0.5 inch gone and my bust is about an inch!  I mean, if I'm going to be in this much pain (yes, I'm STILL sore) then I've got to get something in return.  I was so excited about the loss that I added a few more spots.  I originally only measured my bust, natural waist, upper arm and upper thigh.  So last night I added neck, rib cage, belly button and hips to the list.  I mean why not?  If there's a change I want to see it on paper.  I'm thinking this will be great motivation for those dark moments.

I also took my body fat % - I'm still trying to figure out the best time to take it but I came in at 35.9% which is 0.7% less than last week.  Honestly, I need to do some more research on how EXACTLY to use it because I remember taking it later and it was even lower.  I know you have to time it with food and water and using the restroom so hopefully I can figure more out this week.

The workouts are still happening.  Last night was Core Synergistics and I'm happy to say I completed the whole thing.  I had to walk it out a couple of times but I finished and that was a great feeling.  Tonight is Cardio X.

As for the other half of the equation (my diet), I'm really feeling good about it.  The more I read about P90x the more it is glaringly obvious that what you eat is probably way more important than the workouts.  I read a blog post about a guy who had purchased the program but due to some sort of constraint, he couldn't actually start the workouts.  So, he followed the diet and ended up losing 40 pounds just by overhauling the way he ate.  Now, he didn't write about what kind of diet he had to begin with - I mean, he could have been living on McDonald's his whole life, but still, that's pretty impressive. 

I'm on my second week of pretty closely following the recommendations, not only of this particular program but pretty much everywhere (you know, more veggies, lean protein, whole grains and less processed food), and I can tell you, it's not as bad as I thought it would be.  I have learned new ways to eat vegetables that have completely changed what I crave.

Right now, I'm eating roasted chicken, sauteed mushrooms with thyme, roasted carrots and green beans.  And I just used simple herbs and even butter to enhance things and honestly, it's so delicious. 

Today's menu:
B:  Egg + Cheese + LC tortilla
S:  Cottage Cheese + Grapes
L:  Chicken + Carrots + Mushrooms + Green Beans
S:  Almonds
D: Sirloin Tips + Creamed Spinach + Sweet Potato (i think)

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