Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week of Weight Loss

Today turned out to be very exciting.  I got a call back from the recruiter I met with last week.  We discussed money a little bit and I made the decision to move forward with the job interview.  It's not as much as I was hoping but it's more than I'm making now.  Not to mention that I'll be starting off at a salary that will continue to rise.

Very exciting!

Also, it occurred to me today that I have yet to take any vacation time at my current job.  I get over 3 weeks vacation every year and I'm 6 months in (my anniversary roll over date is OCT) and am FEELING IT.  I've been anxious at work lately and that is usually due to needing a break from work.  So I will be taking all of next week off.

And since money is tight in my household right now, I'll be vacationing at home.  Therefore, I have decided to use my vacation to focus on weight loss.  I'll be working out, eating right and trying to lose as much weight as possible for that week.  In a typical week, it's pretty hard to get in major workouts and plan for all eating but with my vacation, I'm just going to pretend like I'm at a weight loss spa or something.  I'll be blogging every day and hopefully once I return to work, I will be a few pounds lighter :)

That's not til next week but I'm excited already :)

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