Thursday, March 22, 2012

P90x Day 4

I did the yoga routine last night.  I've tried yoga DVDs before and have never enjoyed them.  Don't really know why.  I do like pilates so I figured I would be naturally drawn to yoga but that has never been the case.  My body does not like to do yoga.  Probably because I'm not good at it and I have a naturally difficult time doing things that I'm not good at.  Yes, I know the more you do something the better you get, but the perfectionist in me hates not being able to do it perfectly the first time.

I did the yoga routine last night.  It's clocked at 1 1/2 hours.  That's a long workout.  I made it through 30 minutes.  One of the roughest 30 minutes of my life.  I felt awkward, I was in pain, I was uncomfortable, I couldn't do it and therefore, I hated it.  I disliked it so much that I paused the workout ten minutes in and actually googled "I can't do p90x yoga".   I think I was looking to the internet to give me a get out of yoga card.

And I found lots of people who shared the same sentiments.  However, they went on to add "that's how I felt when I first started too".  Then, they listed all the benefits and how it just took time to learn to appreciate it and how it helped them improve and how they realized they hated it because their bodies weren't used to it.  And those reasons were enough to get me to push play and give it my all.  I made it to 30 minutes and I was proud of finishing that.  I DO want to get better at yoga.  I DO want this program to make me stronger and I realized the only way to do that is to keep trying.

So try I will.

Also, I don't want to jump the gun here but I feel pretty good.  I'm down a few pounds -- don't take too much stock in that, I gained a few pounds last week due to my sickness so I was expecting major scale fluctuation this week to get me back to normal so I feel sure that's a big part of that.  But besides that, I feel a little firmer, especially in my stomach and thigh regions.  In other good news, the soreness has majorly subsided with only twinges of it remaining. 

Tonight is Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper.

Today's menu:

B:  2 eggs + 1 egg white + coffee + creamer
S:  Cottage Cheese + Strawberries
L:  Shrimp Caesar Salad
S:  Almonds
D:  Going out to eat (EEEK!)

Also - check out these ratios for the day so far:

Protein:  40%
Carbs:    14%
Fat:        46%

Not perfect but much closer :)

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