Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Steady Weight and Chocolate Milk

You know how people tell you something like "oh, don't pay any attention to what the scale says day to day, cause, you know, the whole fluctuation thing"

And while you know that is 100% true, you even know the science behind it, you can't help but do it anyway?

I got on the scale this morning and despite having not only kicked ass on my diet and exercise but having met my calorie deficit for every day AND waking up each morning feeling firmer, hungrier and just lighter, the scale hasn't budged.  At all.  In fact, the only direction it has gone is up.

So I went over the check list of possible reasons:

1.  Have you recently started a new exercise program?

Why, yes I have.

2.  Have you recently added strength training?

Yes, tons!

3.  Are your muscles sore?

All the freakin' time.

4.  Did you know that muscle soreness causes water retention?

Yes, I did know that but I don't care.

and finally

5.  Have you read about 100 different people's own personal stories about this program and didn't they almost ALL say that during the first few weeks they either broke even or gained weight on the scale and THEN it started moving big time?

 UGH ... yes.  Fine.  I'll keep going.

Oddly enough, all that made me feel better.

Now lets talk about Chocolate Milk.

As you can imagine there are a lot of protein shakes and stuff that you can buy from Team Beach Body while doing P90x.  One of them is $120 for a 30 day supply.  I think that's ridiculous so I looked around for an alternative.  The one thing I know I should do is have some sort of protein thing after a strenuous workout.  They specifically wanted you to drink something w/ a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein and I kept seeing people suggest chocolate milk.  So I thought, why not.  It's way cheaper than protein powder, it's more delicious than the powder and it supposedly will get the job done.  So, I bought some low fat chocolate milk to drink.

And it's a nice little reward after my workouts - so bonus there.

Today's menu:

B:  PR Bar (running late this morning) + Coffee
S:  Turkey Jerky
L:  Shrimp Caesar Salad + Chopped Veggies
S:  Cottage Cheese + Grapes
D: Sirloin Tips + Creamed Spinach + Sweet Potato (hopefully - I was too tired last night to make it for dinner so hopefully I will get to it tonight)


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