Friday, March 2, 2012

I Need Sleep

It's true.  I'm not getting enough shut eye.  Oddly enough, when I don't get enough sleep, I'm actually chipper in the morning.

Crazy chipper.  Like, if it were someone else in my office, I'd probably slap them.

And though I'm chipper, it doesn't actually mean I'm in my right mind.

So, due to this lack of sleep, I had a rough start to my morning.  It was odd the way it worked out.  Though I slept badly, I woke up way earlier than I had to.   I had plenty of time to get ready, make my breakfast protein shake, pack my lunch AND get out of the door on time.

Pretty good start right?


That's when things started falling apart.

I forgot to take my protein shake with me.  First ugh.  So, once I got to work I decided to walk next door to Starbucks to get a skinny vanilla latte in its stead.  Ok, so I'm kind of back on track.  Then, I sit at my desk and begin my morning ritual of starting my work day.  Things are still ok.  However, for whatever reason, the skinny vanilla latte is just not cutting it today.  My email goes off.  It's the receptionist letting us know there are bagels AND donuts in the kitchen.  This is usually not a problem for me but today I'm just starving.  Second ugh.  I go to the kitchen ONLY to get a bagel.  But while I'm toasting my bagel I end up eating an ENTIRE donut.  Third UGH!  It kind of just snuck up on me - I didn't even know I was doing it.  It was as if the room went black and when I finally came to, I was licking the frosting from my fingers.  So, I take my bagel and run back to my desk.  I eat half of it before I force myself to stop and survey the damage (ie:  logging the calories).  The damage tells me not to touch the other half of my bagel because I have had plenty.  FOURTH UGH!  Then, it started happening.  I felt horrific.  I was on a sugar high and I wanted nothing more than to get off of it.  Once it finally wears off, I'm left feeling like I have a brick sitting in my stomach.  It was the worst feeling.  My body is revolting against me and my food decisions.  I sit and moan at my desk for what felt like hours.  I even order my assistant to make it his job, NAY his DUTY, to not allow me to eat any more donuts EVER.   The feeling continues .. UGH UGH UGH!!!

Finally, after a few hours, it passes.  

It was a rough morning.  I finally got back on track with the foods I had packed for myself, but I'll be honest, I got myself into a little pickle eating those high calorie foods.  Which means I'm going to have to be extra cautious with dinner which isn't too fun on Friday evenings.

Why donuts WHY?

Anyway, the point of the story is I need to sleep.  Because when I sleep, I make better decisions.   And when I make better decisions, I don't eat the donuts!!

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