Monday, March 26, 2012

P90x: Week 1 Complete

I finished week #1.  It was tough.  I wasn't even completing the entire workouts and it was tough.  Yesterday's workout had pullups.  Lots and lots of pullups.  And even though I had to use a chair and my legs to assist me in finishing the pullups, I felt completely badass.

1 week down, 12 to go.

I feel stronger for sure but that could be because most of my body parts are swollen and sore right now so they feel extra tight.  I got on the scale this morning and it says I'm up like 4 pounds but I know that's not the case as I had a high sodium dinner last night.  Take that combined with my sore muscles and you'll get a gain every time.  And if you go by what the scale said a day prior, then I would be around 2.5 pounds DOWN.  See the problem?  So, I'm not really looking at the scale for weight loss until I get a couple of weeks under my belt to see a trend.

I will, however, be measuring myself tonight before my workout so maybe there will be something there?  I mean, it's only been a week, do you see results that fast?  I haven't really ever followed measurements before.  We'll see.  Oh yes, and I will do my body fat % as well.

My pants still fit great so that's a good sign.

Last night I did my cheat meal for the week.  My bf and I are doing one cheat meal a week.  Just a meal, not a day.  We ordered Italian food.  I had gnocchi and honestly, it was just good not great.  It did, however, affect me more than usual.  It made me feel like I had eaten bricks for dinner.  I still felt full when I woke up this morning.  I hate that feeling. 

I'm pleased with how I did last week.  I made great food choices but there is definitely room for improvement.  I'm going to focus on tightening up my calories this week.  Meaning, staying closer to my set goal for the day (1500).  And hopefully this next week will be a better indicator of how my body is reacting to all of this.

Today's menu:

B:  PR Bar
S:  Cottage Cheese and Grapes
L:  Roasted chicken + Romaine + Chopped Veggies + Dressing
S:  Almonds
D:  Roasted Chicken + Sauteed Mushrooms + Creamed Spinach + Roasted Carrots (i think)

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